abuildThe shell script build system to build APK packages.3 months
adelie-baseThe base file system layout for Adélie Linux computers.20 months
apk-toolsAdélie Linux patches for Alpine Package Keeper (apk-tools)17 months
apkkitAPK Kit4 years
arch-testerScripts to test cross-arch compatibility / show missing packages / etc23 months
blog-ngWordPress blog theme to match new website design.6 months
ca-certificatesSource for the Adélie Linux certificate authority bundle.4 weeks
docsThe official Adélie Linux documentation set.7 months
gcompatThe GNU C Library Compatibility Layer for Adélie Linux4 months
horizonProject Horizon, the next generation of Linux installation4 months
horizon-qt5The GUI Horizon installer frontend3 years
imageUtilities and scripts to create Adélie media, including ISOs and USB images.21 months
muslThe musl libc tree (WIP / dev branches)2 weeks
musl-localesLocale program for musl libc. Forked from days
netconfapkNETCONF server for use with APK distributions, such as Adélie Linux and NSL17 months
packagesThe official Adélie Linux package repository tree.33 min.
shimmyPOSIX® compatibility shims for Linux (and other environments)2 days
site-ngThe new and improved (except for loads of JS and huge CSS and ...) website.5 days
spackA flexible package manager that supports multiple versions, configurations, platforms, and compilers.91 min.
userlandA NetBSD-based, POSIX userland with user-friendly extensions.3 years