abuildThe shell script build system to build APK packages.12 months
adelie-baseThe base file system layout for Adélie Linux computers.14 months
adelie.cloudListing of Adélie Linux software needing packaged for proper cloud support, as well as status.2 years
apk-toolsAdélie Linux patches for Alpine Package Keeper (apk-tools)11 months
apkkitAPK Kit4 years
arch-testerScripts to test cross-arch compatibility / show missing packages / etc18 months
blog-ngWordPress blog theme to match new website design.3 weeks
ca-certificatesSource for the Adélie Linux certificate authority bundle.18 months
docsThe official Adélie Linux documentation set.7 weeks
gcompatThe GNU C Library Compatibility Layer for Adélie Linux6 weeks
horizonProject Horizon, the next generation of Linux installation7 weeks
horizon-qt5The GUI Horizon installer frontend3 years
imageUtilities and scripts to create Adélie media, including ISOs and USB images.16 months
muslThe musl libc tree (WIP / dev branches)2 months
netconfapkNETCONF server for use with APK distributions, such as Adélie Linux and NSL12 months
packagesThe official Adélie Linux package repository tree.4 weeks
shimmyPOSIX® compatibility shims for Linux (and other environments)3 years
shukraLibre news aggregator15 months
site-ngThe new and improved (except for loads of JS and huge CSS and ...) website.3 weeks
userlandA NetBSD-based, POSIX userland with user-friendly extensions.2 years